Partners in change. Solutions that last.

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Cedar River Group creates uncommon partnerships between our team of seasoned public policy experts and leaders in the diverse communities of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

We help clients…

Bring together public and private sector innovators, local communities and government agencies to do jointly what none can do alone.

Work through thorny issues, resolve disputes and engage stakeholders to find durable solutions.

Conduct strategic planning, develop grassroots outreach, facilitate group processes, launch new initiatives, and manage projects  to reach their aims.

Build public will, write grant proposals, and develop communication materials to garner support.

Project updates

For the Mayor’s Education Summit, the City of Seattle conducted 19 community meetings, a citywide summit event and an online survey on ways to address the opportunity gap and disparities in public schools. Cedar River Group helped analyze this public input and is facilitating an Advisory Group to develop recommendations for the Mayor.

The Cedar River Council, a public-private group that for 20 years has promoted the health of the Cedar River Basin, has revised its leadership structure and developed a website to encourage participation. Cedar River Group facilitated their strategic planning that led to these changes.

The 31-member King County Metro Service Guidelines Task Force, which Cedar River Group facilitated, sent their unanimous consensus recommendations to the County Council and County Executive in late October 2015. The recommendations included: changing Metro’s transit service types; revising the guidelines to better provide social equity and geographic value; expanding alternative services; and expanding partnerships.

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