Karen Flink, Project Assistant/Office Manager

Chef, crafter, gardener, analytical mind

Recent projects include:

Karen brings keen analysis and care to everything she does. She loves solving a good challenge, whether it’s creating financial models for a tissue bank project, handling the logistics for a conference, setting up a member/donor database, figuring out how to make pages of dense text look attractive and readable, finding a new recipe for the plentiful vegetables in her garden, or learning how to fold an origami rabbit.

Since 2006, Karen has provided technical, logistical and analytical support to a variety of Cedar River Group projects. She also serves as our office manager, handling our bookkeeping, insurance, contracts, and office space planning.

Karen brings to Cedar River Group’s work with nonprofit clients six years on the staff of nonprofits — Seattle Chinese Garden Society, Experience Music Project, and Odyssey The Maritime Discovery Center — in roles ranging from executive assistant to retail division manager. She also has more than 15 years of experience as a real estate analyst and loan closer for several commercial banks, and as a financial analyst for a pension fund advisor.

Karen has an MBA (Finance) from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Economics) from Marquette University in Milwaukee. She and her husband, Jeff Dana, live in West Seattle, along with their dog Sophie. Karen’s idea of a perfect weekend day is to do some gardening (weather permitting), undertaking a new craft project, cooking, and joining her husband to take their dog for a walk along Alki.

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