State Early Learning Plan

Clients: Thrive by Five Washington, Department of Early Learning, Office of Superintendent of Public Education

Facilitated the process of developing a comprehensive, 10-year plan for a statewide early learning system, prenatal through third grade. Coordinated the work of a multiagency management team, an advisory council created by the Legislature, a 36-member steering committee, and five work groups involving 150 people. Served as primary drafter of the plan and assisted with public outreach planning. Reviewed public comments from 3,500 respondents. Revised and finalized the plan. Our team was brought in to help focus an existing process and blend it with a similar request from the Governor, which had a shorter deadline. (2009 – 2010)

Results: The draft plan was completed to meet the Governor’s request for a product by Dec. 1, 2009. Finalized the plan after extensive public review and comment. The plan was released in September 2010. View link.