Strategic Plan

Client: Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS)

GAPPS is an initiative of Seattle Children’s with the mission of leading a collaborative, global effort to increase awareness and accelerate innovative research and interventions that will improve maternal, newborn and child health outcomes. In May 2009, GAPPS and its partners convened the International Conference on Prematurity & Stillbirth, which resulted in the 2015 Global Action Agenda on Preterm Birth and Stillbirth. Cedar River Group worked with GAPPS to create its first strategic plan to accelerate progress on this Global Action Agenda. (2010)

Results: GAPPS adopted a five-year strategic plan encompassing five goals: make every birth count; improve maternal and newborn health outcomes; translate discoveries into diagnostic, treatment and prevention strategies; build global health research capacity; and advocate for policy changes and increased resources.