Collaborative Design Process

Clients: City of Bellevue and Sound Transit (subcontract to Bob Rosain & Associates, LLC)

Served as facilitator for the Collaborative Design Process established by Sound Transit and the City of Bellevue to reach agreement on potential cost saving measures and alignment options for the East Link light rail project. Facilitated meetings with the Leadership Team (three elected officials representing the Sound Transit Board and three Bellevue City Council members), as well as the Steering Committee, whose members included senior managers from Sound Transit and the City of Bellevue. Work included development of agendas and supporting materials, preparation of meeting summaries, and communication with senior staff and elected officials between meetings to identify and resolve issues. (2012 – 2015)

Results: The two parties reached agreement in April 2015 on project cost saving measures, minimizing impacts to neighborhoods, the city’s contribution to a downtown tunnel, and supporting the city’s Bel-Red Corridor land use vision for transit-oriented development. The agreement sets the stage for beginning construction of East Link in Bellevue in late 2015. See news release.