Home Visiting Plan

Client: Washington State Department of Early Learning

Serve as facilitator for meetings of the project’s Cross-Agency Governance Structure, Partnership Group and Advisory Committee. Work with staff to develop agendas and meeting summaries; and document feedback, decisions and action steps. Assisted in creating a state home visiting plan and ensuring that it met federal funding requirements. Assisted with the process of selecting local programs for funding from the federal grant. Also assisted the Partnership Group in developing an application for competitive federal funding. Facilitate transition to an ongoing Advisory Committee. Voluntary home visiting is a proven way to help children from vulnerable families get a better start in life. (2010 – present)

Results: The federal agency approved the state home visiting plan for funding. The state home visiting partnership is using the initial federal award to provide funding to home visiting programs in six high-risk communities across the state. The partnership was also awarded a competitive federal grant in 2012. Those funds enabled extending home visiting to eight high-risk communities. Cedar River Group was asked to continue facilitating key meetings. View link.