Pierce County Housing Affordability Task Force

Client: Pierce County, WA

Served as facilitator for the Task Force, which was directed by the Pierce County Council to develop housing strategies for all economic segments of the population, particularly for low-income residents. Researched the need for affordable housing, the challenges to create affordable housing for each population group, and strategies used in jurisdictions nationwide. The Task Force developed a strong consensus on a range of strategies and priorities. After the County Council approved these recommendations, the Task Force developed detailed recommendations for a program that would offer financial and regulatory incentives to private and nonprofit developers for providing affordable housing. The Task Force also developed recommendations for county policies on conversion of manufactured housing parks. (2005 – 2010)

Results: The Task Force’s recommendations were unanimously approved by the Pierce County Council, and were incorporated into the county’s Comprehensive Plan Housing Policies. The Task Force report with specific strategy recommendations received a Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2020 Award for 2008. The County Council approved the Task Force’s  development incentives proposal. View link.