Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Cedar River Group works with organizations and members of the community motivated to bring about positive change. Our clients include public agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations committed to social responsibility and the triple bottom line.

Under each sector is a of list current and past clients with links that provide a summary of each project.

What we’re working on

Seattle Neighborhood Workshops: Cedar River Group is facilitating stakeholder workshops in 16 neighborhoods designated as Urban Villages to gather input on proposed changes through Mandatory Housing Affordability to ensure that growth will include affordable housing. (John Howell, Rhonda Peterson, Karen Flink)

Street Vacation Process: Cedar River Group is facilitating a process to identify options to update the City of Seattle’s policies on street vacation (petitions for closing public right-of-way). (John Howell, Rhonda Peterson)

ORCA Fare Policy Forum: Cedar River Group is facilitating a forum of seven agencies to reach agreement on principles and policies for a Next Generation ORCA regional transit fare payment system. (John Howell)

Washington State Health Care Innovation Plan: The state won a $92 million federal grant to implement its health care innovation plan, which Cedar River Group assisted in developing. We are now helping the Health Care Authority in establishing Accountable Communities of Health across the state and implementing other plan elements. (Tom Byers, Jack Thompson)

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