Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Cedar River Group works with organizations and members of the community motivated to bring about positive change. Our clients include public agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations committed to social responsibility and the triple bottom line.

Under each sector is a of list current and past clients with links that provide a summary of each project.

What we’re working on

King County Metro – Seattle Department of Transportation Facilitation: Cedar River Group is facilitating an effort to enhance collaboration between the two transportation agencies and develop problem-solving protocols. (John Howell, Rhonda Peterson)

Northgate Housing Workshop: Cedar River Group is  serving as organizer for a project to accelerate the production of affordable housing with early learning facilities on publicly owned properties in the Northgate area of Seattle. (Tom Byers)

Domestic Violence Protection Orders: Cedar River Group is facilitating a work group of law enforcement agencies in King County, courts, the Prosecutor’s Office and advocates to identify model policies for service of protection orders, and develop recommendations. (John Howell)

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